Party brunches are forever in style…

If you keep up with us and our magazines, then you will know that in the last issue, we argued that the buffet brunch is a thing of the past. I am entirely inclined to agree with the statement.

We have plenty of incredibly festive brunches across the city that tick off the boxes for a quintessentially raucous (in the best way) brunch. Enter Iris. The venue has stood the test of time and will continue to do so with its live entertainment nights, incredible ladies’ night deals and iconic party brunch.

Every Saturday the venue is flooded with the likes of me, a partygoer who also happens to love food – and we all huddle in and fill the space, ready for a drink, a dance, and some delicious food.

Sat at the table we watch as the people start to flood in, yes, we’re overachievers and arrived a bit early. Espresso martinis all around, it’s time for the day to begin, sipping and catching up on the week that has graciously passed. The brunch starts out slow, with a happy hum all around, everybody getting into the vibe, sussing out the energy of those around them. The DJ John Bowtie is starting us off with some deep house, and people are starting to sway a little to the beat.

Somewhere between the chips and delightful guac, the arancini and sushi platter, we decided to swap out the espresso martini for Bellini’s and their lemon margarita – a fantastic idea at the time. The volume of the venue is starting to pick up and from the ceiling, bubbles begin to fall, my inner child alit with joy, and I begin popping the bubbles in my immediate vicinity.

It’s time for the main course, although, at this point, I’m not sure there are many foodies that are too bothered by the food as the tables begin to mix and the dancing has already begun.

Pasta dishes arrive, a joyous carb that is always welcomed with a smile – a ravioli sporting a tomato sauce is the top choice around the table and another order of the pasta pillows is made. Before long the food is no longer a concern, dessert has been enjoyed and we are all bouncing around to the beats of John Bowtie when confetti cannons go off across the whole venue and in unison the tables all cheer and continue to dance to his beat.

What’s On Verdict: Are you really going to a party brunch for the food? No. But the vibes at the Iris brunch will forever be unmatched.

Iris, Meydan Racecourse, Meydan Grandstand, Nad Al Sheba, Sat 1pm to 5pm, Dhs275 soft, Dhs375 wine, Dhs475 house, Dhs735 premium. Tel: (0)4 334 3355

Images: Supplied