Completing the Dubai Run and Ride triathlon…

Inaugurated by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai back in 2017, the Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC) – AKA the 30×30 – returns to Dubai this October.

The annual event, taking place between October 26 to November 24 in 2024, aims to get Dubai residents doing at least 30 minutes of exercise for 30 consecutive days. It’s an initiative for everyone, but makes special consideration for those who aren’t working out as much as the medical community suggests we ought to.

The science on the long-term benefits of regular fitness sessions is in – making seismic, interconnected, positive impacts across a wide variety of physical, mental, health and happiness markers. Plus it’s the most efficient route to feeling confident in lycra. If that’s your kind of thing.

And look, we appreciate the gym is not for everyone; we understand and can relate to those suffering from school PE-TSD flashbacks; and yes, cross-fit generally is exhausting (mostly because of the amount of time you have to spend telling everyone you do cross-fit).

But because this is Dubai, the DFC isn’t just an empty public health marketing campaign. Months of planning and expert consultation goes into coming up with a calendar of genuinely incredible (largely free) fitness events, tailored to represent a full spectrum of sporting genres, ability levels, special interests, intensities and goal-based outcomes.

Dubai Fitness Challenge highlights

We don’t have the full line-up for this, what will be the eighth edition of the DFC, just yet but we do have confirmation on some of the highlights.

We know for example that we’ll see the return of the insanely popular Dubai Run, and Dubai Ride – which take over a section of the Sheikh Zayed Road for an iconic sweat sesh powered by foot and pedal. The Stand Up Paddle at Hatta will also make a return, as will the Community Fitness Hubs (essentially free-to-use gyms).

What’s new for 2024?

In line with the true spirit of fitness, the DFC is always pushing its limits. Building on it’s last set of reps with an even heavier schedule of fun ways to get gains. And 2024 looks set to be a gigantic jump squat up from the already lofty heights of DFC 2023.

New events look set to include the Dubai Swim (cleverly rounding off the Run, Ride triathlon); the Mai Dubai Half Marathon will make its DFC debut, along with a World Obstacle Course Race. Expect to see separate triathlon events, a whole wellness festival and a focus on the increasingly popular spot of padel.

Stay tuned to What’s On for more news on the details and events of Dubai Fitness Challenge as and when we get it.

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