Our emirate is so A-list.

Our favourite sandy city is cropping up on the big screen again as it’s now guest starring in Voyage of Time by the legendary Terrence Malick.

We get it, Dubai looks like a futuristic space-city.

The IMAX documentary centres around the birth and death of the known universe, and displays everything from the universe’s beginning to its final collapse.

The documentary is the ultimate passion project for Malick and has been in the making for over forty years. It tackles everything from the theory of evolution to the science, spirit, birth and death of the cosmos.

Here’s the trailer in all its glory – Downtown Dubai can be seen at 1.15:

We’re not going to lie. It looks seriously awesome.

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We’re prepared to have our puny minds blown in all the magnificence that is IMAX 3D as the voice of Brad Pitt guides us through the universe.

Oh yeah – Brad Pitt’s the narrator (joined by Cate Blanchett). Stand aside Morgan Freeman.

The film’s director Terrence Malick is known for helming many cinematic masterpieces (many of them Marmite-like in a you-either-love-it-or-hate-it way). His directing credits include The Thin Red Line, The Tree of Life and Badlands. 

“Science and spirit, birth and death, the grand cosmos and the minute life systems of our planet – all come together in Malick’s most ambitious film to date,” explains the film’s synopsis.

Filming for Voyage of Time has taken place all over the world. At a Cannes Film Festival screening back in 2014, footage was shown from Hawaii, Iceland, Monterey, Chile, Palau, the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and elsewhere.

We’re particularly curious as to where this little nugget was filmed. Looks like an awesome lava den…


So, aside from the stunning computer-generated imagery, we expect awesome real-life footage as well.

The full documentary is set to be released on October 7.


Yep, you’re right. This isn’t the first time Dubai has played a candid role in a movie.

If you remember – the latest Star Trek movie contained Dubai as a backdrop.

Star Trek DubaiDubai in Star Trek 

Oh, and in the Independence Day movie trailer the Burj Khalifa could be seen getting smushed into Central London.

Keep doing you Dubai. You’re becoming quite the movie star.

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