Thinking of leaving the UAE? Maybe watch these videos first…

There are #DubaiProblems, there are #DubaiSummerProblems and then there are #LeavingDubaiProblems, and erstwhile Dubai expat Morgan Carver Richards, 31, is all about the latter.

The former flight attendant and mum of three lived in Dubai for four years, and she’s just moved back to the US. Now living in Phoenix, Arizona, the Amy-Schumer-esque budding comedian has been chronicling her UAE withdrawals (with hilarious results).

We’ll let her videos do the rest of the talking…

10 #LeavingDubaiProblems

#1: “I just had to bag my own groceries and bring them to the car… in the rain. These people are savages.”

#2: “Hey do you guys have somebody that will come around and wash my car while I’m inside shopping?”

#3: “I no longer have a maid… or a gardener that asks for my wifi password.”

#4: “I can’t go to brunch today, I have to fold all of my own laundry.”

#5: “My phone keeps autocorrecting halloumi to helium…”

#6: “Someone just told me there’s this place called Abduallah’s and they’ve got halloumi cheese, it’s four or five years past the used by date but that stuff’s vacuum sealed…”

#7: “No you can’t walk to the grocery store by yourself this is not Dubai, do you want mommy to go to jail?”

#8: “Get in the house kids, those helicopters are not Ubers!”

#9: “You have to drive to get your own food?!”

#10: “Where’s the little guy that comes and pumps your gas?”

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We’ll leave you with this glorious only-in-the-UAE shot from Morgan’s Facebook:

Photos: Instagram/MorganCarverRichards