Are you Trekkies sick of all the Star Wars action at the moment? Well relief is here, as the first trailer for Star Trek Beyond has just landed, and it even shows glimpses of Dubai.

(We’re personally getting more of a Guardians of a Galaxy-vibe from this Beastie Boys soundtrack trailer, what do you think of it?)

Released 14 hours ago, the trailer has already had nearly 3 million views, and at about the one minute mark you get a glimpse of Dubai, and it looks like our city is presented as future Earth in the film.

There appears to be a bit of slicing and dicing of buildings, but the structures of JLT and DIFC feature heavily (a lot of the filming in the city was done in the new Central Park development in DIFC).

It was revealed yesterday that the film had a budget of Dhs118 million for its filming in Dubai – making it the biggest-budget shoot in the emirate to date.

*VIDEO: The Star Trek cast and crew talk about filming in Dubai*
*PHOTOS: Snaps of the set in Dubai*

In other exciting news, Dubai will get its own red carpet premiere for Star Trek Beyond when it comes out next year.

Here are the glimpses of Dubai from the trailer…

They may be trussing up our city as a future Earth, but this looks more like Sheikh Zayed Road in the early noughties:

star trek beyond

We spy Damac’s Park Towers, well, one of them. What buildings can you spot in these pics?star trek 2