A musician that will forever be remembered in the pop music cannon is coming to Dubai – Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys fame is playing at the Irish Village’s stadium tomorrow night.

The 74-year-old Californian is coming to Dubai as part of his Pet Sounds Tour.

We spoke to him about making classic albums and having movies made about him…

What are you most looking forward to about visiting Dubai? I’ve heard so many cool things about Dubai. I’m anxious to meet the people and learn more about the place.

What can we expect from your upcoming gig? Fans can expect to feel the love and hear the best band I’ve ever had.

When you were recording Pet Sounds, did you have a sense that you were making an iconic album? I knew I was on to something special and somewhat avant guard. I was feeling very emotionally charged and found the exact music and words to express it. That was something else.

What is your favourite song to perform? And which song on the album means the most to you? California Girls is my favorite song to perform. God Only Knows means the most to me from Pet Sounds.

What was your favourite memory during the making of Pet Sounds? Working with the studio musicians on the tracks then laying down the vocal parts with the guys.

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What did you think of the way Paul Dano portrayed the making of Pet Sounds as the young you in Love and Mercy? What about John Cusack? Paul Dano was just great. I loved his voice and sincerity and sensitivity. They recreated the studio and it looked exactly how i remembered it. That really blew my mind watching it. John Cusack nailed my mannerisms and expressions with incredible acting. They are both great guys.

So many artists, such as the Beatles, name Pet Sounds as one of their most influential albums. Which artists influence you, and whose music do you enjoy listening to today? Well The Four Freshmen and Chuck Berry influenced me early on. So did Rosemary Clooney. Nowadays, I listen to oldies mostly. That was my time. I really don’t listen much to today’s music.

What’s next for you after this tour? After this tour I’ll take a rest and maybe work on a new record, go into the studio… we’ll just have to see!

The Irish Village, Al Garhoud, Dubai, 9pm (doors open at 7pm), Dhs225 (seated), Dhs250 (standing). Tel: (04) 2395000. Metro: GGICO. theirishvillage.com