DEWA have cleared up questions over that ‘official letter’ going viral this week…

Have you received a Whatsapp or email from a friend this week warning you not to let people from DEWA/SEWA into your house as they are imposters, “robbing people at gunpoint”?

Well, fear not, as DEWA has just confirmed that the letter is a fake, and there have been no reports of the kind:

The recent recirculation isn’t the first time this particular letter has gone viral on Whatsapp – it was widely shared earlier this year too.

The letter warns people that “3 or 4 guys may visit your home claiming they are from DEWA/SEWA to install shower caps to save water”.

“They may claim they are from EKSO to change light bulbs for free,” it adds. “They have been spotted in several areas.”

“Please do not let them into your homes,” it implores. “They are robbers robbing people at gun point.” It turns out that this is not true.

Remember, if you receive news of something alarming, Dubai Municipality has a WhatsApp number that residents can send images, videos or messages about rumours that they’ve heard on the grapevine. The municipality then promises to respond to the query within eight hours, either validating the rumour as true or saying it’s untrue.

The number to send a WhatsApp to is +971 50 107 7799. You can read more about that system here.

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