The Deira Night Souq is set to open before the end of 2018…

By the end of next year there’ll be a brand new spot where you can haggle for all your spices, souvenirs and scarves.

Construction is underway on the Dhs 1.57 billion Deira Night Souq, which, when it opens on the Deira Islands, will be the biggest night market in the world.

Here are some glimpses of the Night Souq taking shape (hat tip to Gulf Business for the photos):

The souq will be located on island A, and will stretch 1.9 kilometres along the waterfront.

There will be 5,300 retail spaces which will offer a range of different products and services, just like any traditional souq. They have all already been leased out, and all of them to UAE nationals. 

The souq will only open after sunset, and will stay open past midnight. It won’t be fully air-conditioned, but the design is meant to allow for greater wind movement, which should keep temperatures cool.

There will also be a total of 3,166 parking spots located close to the souq.

According to Gulf Business, the Night Souq is expected to open to the public before the end of 2018, and will be the first major completed project on the man-made islands (that were previously known as the Palm Deira).

When complete, the islands will boast almost six million square feet of retail space, including a mega Deira Mall which will even surpass Dubai Mall.

*Deira Islands mall is going to be even bigger than Dubai Mall*
*There’s a new bridge opening in Dubai this weekend…*

The new mall will have 4.5 million square feet of gross leasable area, compared to Dubai Mall’s 3.77 million square feet. Gross leasable area basically means any space that can be rented out to shops or restaurants.

Here’s what the Deira Mall, which is due to open by 2020, will look like:

The Deira Islands themselves will spread across 1530 hectares – almost three times the size of the Palm Jumeirah, which is 560 hectares.

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