Dogs are now not allowed to run around off of the leash anywhere in Dubai, well except for at Bark Park…

Due to a January law change, it is now illegal to let dogs off their lead anywhere in Dubai. (Yes, including Al Qudra Lakes).

But there is actually now a Municipality-approved place where you can let pups roam free – the aptly named Bark Park in Al Awir.

The desert park is a fully-enclosed, clean and private area for dogs to exercise and socialise off their lead – and it’s certified and approved by the Dubai government. It has some fun obstacles for dogs to play around, a paddling pool, irrigation and is well-lit at night – it may also change over time and get even more features, the organisers say.

A happy pup takes a break in a shaded area of the park

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So how did Bark Park come about? Well, longtime UAE resident Jan Al Mheiri encouraged her Emirati husband to donate some farmland near their home in Al Awir according to The National. 

Why did she go to the effort? Well, she herself owns two salukis and a golden retriever and wanted to help out responsible dog owners. Good stuff!

Now, they do have some ground rules to make sure Bark Park remains a success – everyone visiting must bring their dog’s vaccination certificate and their own (human) ID, all dogs must be micro-chipped too.

Who doesn’t love a paddling pool?

Also, muzzles are encouraged for dogs that are new to the park and are a must any pups that have the tendency to get a bit jumpy or irritated (they have some spares apparently that they can share).

How do you get there? Just pop BarkPark Dubai in Google Maps – it comes up – and it’s a gravel road drive most of the way, however the final 1.5 km is on a track (but no 4WD is needed).

We hope Bark Park will encourage more spots like this to open up so that dog owners in Jebel Ali needn’t drive to Al Awir in order that their dogs can run around.

Here’s a Google Maps grab to give you a better indication of where it is…

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In the meantime, we’ll leave you with this joyous snap of a pack of dogs running free:

Photos: Facebook/Bark Park 

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