It’s part of an initiative to encourage reading, writing and self-expression.

Last month saw the launch of ‘Dubai Font’ mark Dubai as the first city to receive its very own typeface.

Over the last several days, it appears that residents have been taking to social media posting photos of various giant letters in the unique font as they crop up across parts of the city.

‘D’ is for Dubai

Designed as an initiative to encourage “reading, writing and-self expression” the letters, which can be found in a number of key Dubai areas including Sheikh Zayed Road, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Dubai Mall and Kite Beach, reflect the font’s unique design and its blending of 23 different languages.

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Is this the letter ‘J’ or the Arabic character ‘Lam’?

The campaign has been given the title “Express You” with a focus on the core values that characterise the city of Dubai: happiness, giving, respect, tolerance, modernity, smartness and living in harmony.

The Dubai Font is free to download and install from its official website.

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