Sci-fi glasses could help staff know more about your travel habits

Emirates is one of the most high-tech airlines on the planet, offering its passengers state-of-the-art on-board entertainment systems and a whole slew of mod cons across its fancier classes – massage chairs, anyone?

The Dubai-based airline is reportedly looking into ways to upgrade the passenger experience even further, by potentially equipping its staff with augmented reality glasses.

This would allow cabin crew and check-in staff to view information such as a passenger’s name and travel habits – allowing for an overall more personalised level of service – simply by looking at them.

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“We could enhance customer service tremendously,” noted Emirates’ Chief Digital and Innovation Officer Christoph Mueller in an article from Bloomberg. “The customer will want to interact in a completely different way.”

There is talk of travellers also being provided with the high-tech eyewear in an effort to assist navigating airports or browsing food menus onboard.

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Image: Getty