New digital passports could spell the end of lengthy immigration queues.

Last week we wrote about how Dubai Airport has implemented the ability to let passengers travelling through Terminal 3 use a smartphone app in lieu of their passport when departing the country.

Well, it looks like that tech might already be old hat as the airport plans to test new software that will negate the need for both an app or a passport, simply scanning your face as you pass through immigration.

According to a report in The Telegraph, a British start-up firm called ObjectTech will be working with the Dubai Government to install “biometric tunnels” that will take a 3D scan of passengers faces as they make their way to baggage reclaim.

Using facial recognition software it will then check the scan against the passenger’s digital passport, which contains all the information registered to the electronic chip found in most modern paper passports.

*Your smartphone is now your passport at Dubai Airport*

The digital passports will give individuals the ability to control what data is stored on them, and who can see it. This means you can add additional information such as address, financial records and even location data via a mobile device.

The trials are expected to roll out later this year with Paul Ferris, co-founder and CEO of ObjectTech, noting “Not only will it make international travel quicker and safer, but it also gives people back control of their personal digital data.”

Does this spell the end of infuriatingly lengthy passport queues? We sure hope so.

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Image: Getty