Browzly is looking to connect Dubai’s community of avid readers…

Are you a fan of reading? Then you’ll want to check out Browzly, a new book swapping app developed right here in Dubai.

Designed to give easier access to a variety of reading material, Browzly allows users to create a list of books they no longer want and are happy to share with others. They can then browse through collections from other users to see if there’s anything they might like to read and the app will connect both parties and help facilitate an exchange – either by meeting in person, or via a courier service.

The more books you lend out, the more you accrue Swids (a kind of in-app currency) that can be used towards getting any other book on the service. It usually equates to one Swid per book.

Browzly is the brainchild of Bhavna Mishra, a Dubai-based mother of two who conceived of the app as a way to keep up with her kids’ insatiable appetite for reading.

“My sons, 10 and 11 years old, were keen readers from a very young age. So much so that despite buying books and borrowing them from libraries, we would run out of titles. So I decided to start a book community and developed an app,” Mishra told Xpress in a recent interview.

And it’s this community aspect that has really taken off. Since its launch, Browzly has over 400 active members across the UAE who are exchanging books on the regular. The app even allows users to leave reviews of each title so that potential readers will know whether a particular book is worth their time (and Swids!).

Browsly is free and available now on iOS and Android.

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