New programmes will encourage private schools to help kids shape up and eat healthy

The Dubai Health Authority has put forward a new plan to get school children to swap burgers and milkshakes for salads and smoothies.

The policy, which was outlined on Sunday, urges private schools in the emirate to favour healthy meal options for its students rather than junk food, as well as encouraging them do regular exercise, according to a report in The National.

The new health-focused programmes will require schools to show that students are encouraged to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, and will increase Physical Education classes to a total of 150 minutes a week.

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Currently, many of Dubai’s private schools don’t have policies in place to regulate the type of foods that their students consume, often allowing them to eat whatever they want. This can lead to dietary and health issues such as Type 2 diabetes – in fact, the UAE currently has the 16th highest rate of diabetes in the world.

That sounds like a lesson we could all learn from – take some inspiration from Dubai’s school kids and put down that pizza slice and hit the gym.

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