Here are three healthy delivery options to help clean up your eating habits…

We like our food here at What’s On. Perhaps a little too much at times. So, as work assignments go, one month of consuming nothing but healthy food options, without a slice of pizza in sight. A whole month without a sniff of a fried starch seemed impossible. But, with the reward of 2kg to 4kg body fat loss, we signed up….


1. Pura

What is it: Pura is a chef-owned meal prep company that provides healthy food to your home. Their plans are personalised to your body type, weight and goals to achieve  results fast.

Who’s using Pura: Two sorts: Fitness fanatics who either know about their macros but don’t have the time to meal prep, and people who have no idea about their food requirements but just want to be healthier.

Results: After one month, this What’s On member lost 3.8 per cent of their body fat, and was over the moon. The dishes are tasty and you control your menu, so it was never, ever boring.

pura.aePlans start from Dhs2,400 for four weeks (four meals a day, five days a week).


2. Eat Clean ME

Eat Clean ME’s website makes eating well a whole lot easier. Enter your location, the meal you’d like and your dietary needs and it’ll come up with a list of dishes from restaurants that will deliver to you. It’s a game-changer for the “what shall we do for lunch?” debate.

3. Plotos

Download this app and never fall off the healthy wagon again. It’s easy to use: just enter the time you’d like your delivery and your location, then scroll through a list of healthy venues that will deliver, such as Richy’s, the Salad Jar and Urth. Unlike other delivery options, you won’t find much bad for you on here, so won’t be tempted to tread down the wrong path. Available on iTunes and Google Play.

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