This is exciting…

Those guys at XDubai are known for putting on some of the craziest stunts we’ve ever seen with trained professionals. But if their latest social media post is anything to go by, the next trick up their sleeve could be one we can all get involved in.

In the short clip, a kitted-out zipline rider is seen taking to the skies in the dark, with a glow in the dark kit seen zipping through the sky. So we reckon they might be about to start doing night rides of their nerve-wracking zipline over Dubai Marina.

Remember, it wasn’t too long ago that XDubai announced their partnership with network provider Swyp, by posting a daredevil stunt by athlete and stuntman Damien Walters who zipped through Dubai Marina on the XDubai zipline, holding on with nothing but his bare hands

At the time, we were promised ‘more details on the exciting collaboration’, so we reckon this might just be it.

Although no further details have been given, as the weather begins to heat up, it would make sense that the riders would be able to take to the zipline after dark.

As soon as we know for sure, we’ll definitely let you know.

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