He’s here to shoot his second Dubai-based movie ‘Vanguard’…

Action movie legend and all-round megastar, Jackie Chan, has arrived in the UAE – and he’s already begun filming his second movie in Dubai. He was last in the country for filming three years ago, when he shot Kung Fu Yoga, directed by Stanley Tong who is also directing his latest movie, Vanguard.

Chan has been busy since his arrival, producing scenes of the Dubai part of the movie, and also finding time to explore the Dubai Smart Police Station.

It looks like the action movie legend is a big fan of Dubai. Speaking at a press conference, he said, “I am happy to be back in Dubai three years after the shooting of Kung Fu Yoga. Dubai is a good place to film. This is why I have come back. I will come back again and again in the future.”

Dubai Media Office shared this exciting behind-the-scenes clip from scenes of the new movie, which appears to have been shot all over Dubai, including locations such at The Dubai Mall, City Walk and Jumeirah.

Filming for the movie will finish on March 22, so while it doesn’t appear he’ll be here for long, we’re looking forward to seeing what else he gets up to while he’s here.

He’s the latest in a string of stars making the UAE one of their key shoot locations, following on from Pierce Brosnan, who was here to shoot The Misfits earlier this year, and Ryan Reynolds, who spent time in the Abu Dhabi desert alongside the rest of the 6 Underground crew.

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Images: Twitter