‘I’ll be there for you’…

You’ll struggle to find a Friends fan that doesn’t know all the words to its iconic theme song. And Friends fans need to get themselves to The Dubai Fountain next week as the tune, originally by The Rembrandts, will be played at The Dubai Fountain on Sunday September 22 in celebration of the show’s 25th anniversary.

Alongside the choreographed fountain show will also be a themed LED show displayed on Burj Khalifa. The one-off show is only taking place on Sunday September 22 so make sure you’re there at either 8.30pm or 9.30pm to catch it.

As previously reported, the famous couch from the series will also be displayed in Dubai this month. Having spent a week at The Dubai Mall, the couch moves to The Dubai Fountains floating deck on Sunday September 22, the 25th anniversary date of the show, where it will be displayed on the water with Burj Khalifa in the background – now that’s an Insta shot we need.

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Giving true fans the perfect opportunity to celebrate the anniversary this month, first you’ll be able to capture a moment in history as you squash up with your gang on a replica of the famous couch. Then, make sure you’re at The Dubai Fountain to watch the spectacular fountain and LED show dedicated to the series, with the couch in prime view.

Despite the series coming to a close in 2004, Friends made a recent comeback to the hearts of the public when it was added to Netflix’s programming. All 236 episodes, spread over 10 seasons, are still available on the streaming platform.

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Images: Provided/Facebook