Another reason to stay indoors this weekend…

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has forecasted rainfall and high winds in the UAE over the next few days. NCM predicts that the rainfall is likely to begin from today, Wednesday March 18, and continue until Saturday March 21.

On Wednesday there’s a chance of light rainfall with light to moderate south-easterly and north-easterly winds which will cause dust to blow across the country. The sea is expected to become increasingly rough at times. Temperatures will vary between 18 and 33 degrees celsius.

Into Thursday, March 19, temperatures will cool slightly, with the coastal areas becoming hazy and cloudy with a chance of rainfall. Winds will blow dust up to a speed of 40 kilometres per hour, and the sea will be moderately rough.

As we approach the weekend, the chance of rain increases, with Friday March 20 offering scattered rainfall of different intensities over the UAE. There could also be thunder and lightning at times. Visibility will be poor as the high wind speeds continue to blow dust, at around 20 to 55 kilometres per hour.

You can expect a cloudy Saturday on March 21, with scattered rainfall at times, especially in the north and the east. The Arabian Gulf sea will be rough, with a chance of fog formation into Sunday morning, so if you’re returning to work then stay safe on the roads.

The roads are much quieter across the country at the moment, with many people staying home during this time. However increased rainfall will make the roads slippery and visibility could be quite poor, so endeavour to take extra care when driving in the UAE.

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