Three possible scenarios have been devised…

Previously, the Ministry of Education in the UAE (MOE) had announced that the systems regarding distance learning for schools will remain in place until the end of the academic year. A further announcement clarified on Saturday May 9 that this is still the case.

In addition to this comment, the Ministry has said that any decision to continue the distance learning programme into the next academic year is under review. The MOE will continue to monitor the health situation closely and take action based on precautionary measures.

According to Gulf News, the MOE has laid out three scenarios in which e-learning could be extended. The first is a response to the ongoing pandemic, whereby if the Covid-19 situation does not improve, 100 per cent of learning will be done from home.

The second scenario relies on the dissipation of the virus and recovery of the UAE, where a transitional phase will be out in place. Here we can expect to see children returning to normal education for 30 to 50 per cent of the time.

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Finally, in the event life returns to normal by the time the next academic year rolls around, some e-learning structures will remain in place. It is expected that 70 per cent of education will be direct learning and 30 per cent will be done online, ‘so that technological development and the transition to digital education can be maintained’.

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