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With the Dubai Metro, trams, buses and marine transport systems are now operating again, the RTA has reminded passengers to follow precautionary measures and plan ahead when using public transport in Dubai.

Over the weekend, the RTA announced that elevators at Dubai metro and tram stations can only carry two people at a time. Elevators should be reserved for people with mobility issues, and parents with a pram.

When using public transport, you must wear a face mask at all times. Failure to do so could result in a Dhs1,000 fine.

Observe social distancing by staying two metres apart at all times. Follow the markings in the stations and on the floor and seats of carriages and buses to keep a safe distance.

You don’t have to wear gloves when using public transport in Dubai, but you should carry hand sanitiser with you at all times. Wash your hands thoroughly when you reach your destination.

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With fewer people allowed to ride each service, and with social distancing rules in place at Dubai’s public transport stations, some delays are to be expected. To help deal with this, the RTA suggests heading to the station 30 minutes before you intend to ride.

Ride-sharing services have also recommenced. Commuters are reminded to wear a face mask at all times.

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