The video shows how scammers can access your financial information…

As technology grows and evolves, so too do the avenues to take advantage of it.

Cybercriminals are constantly exploring new methods for hacking through locked digital doors.

Some scams are easy to spot if you know what to look for, others are a little more sophisticated, but the best way to avoid falling foul of any con or attempted swindle – is to arm yourself with knowledge.

With that in mind, Abu Dhabi Police are committed to sharing information on scams they’ve intercepted.

The video below takes the form of a reconstructed police interview.

It details how a criminal was able to hijack a victim’s phone through a Trojan Horse app.

The hacker was then able to gain access to passwords, bank statements, and images of credit cards — all stored in WhatsApp.

In the video, the accused claims to have stolen Dhs350,000 from the victim.

It ends with a series of advisory messages from Abu Dhabi Police:

Do not download unknown apps. Don’t give apps access to photos or contacts.

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Do not store passwords or personal and banking information on social media.

Update your personal details with banks regularly.

Staying safe online isn’t always easy, but it’s good practice to be wary of unsolicited contact from unknown sources.

If you receive emails asking for password updates, or missed payments – speak to the service directly to corroborate the authenticity.

And remember, if a deal seems too good to be true, it may very well be.

Images: Pixabay