Solemnly declared as up to no good…

Magic ink that disappears after being used sounds like something out of a Harry Potter book, but it is, Abu Dhabi Police warn, a real thing.

The authorities took to Facebook to spread awareness that fraudsters have been using such tricks on cheques, with ink disappearing after being signed.

In the video below, we see the story of a man, that was swindled out of Dhs38,000 by an individual posing as a bank official.

The conman was offering a fake loan, for which he required a signed cheque by way of security deposit. The unwitting victim signed the cheque usuing the fake bank official’s pen.

The video alleges that after handing over the cheque, scammers were able to remove the ink in the sections for payee and amount, write in their own details and walk away with almost Dhs40,000 of ill-gotten cash.

Abu Dhabi Police are using the video to help make people aware of such tactics, and to ensure individuals always use their own pen when signing cheques and important documents.

Earlier this month the emirate’s police force issued a warning about ‘electronic begging’ during Ramadan .

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Urging anybody that has received begging messages through WhatsApp, SMS, email or social media to report this activity to the authorities.

You can do this by using the Abu Dhabi Police Smart App, calling the toll free reporting line on (800)2626 or sending an email to

Images: Unsplash