The decision aims to offer people a chance to leave the UAE and come back in on a new visa…

The UAE Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship (ICA) made an announcement last night, on August 10, which could provide some relief for visitors in the UAE.

Previously, if your visa expired after March 1 you would have had until August 10 to leave the country, pay for an extension or risk overstay fines. However this deadline has now been given a one-month grace period from August 11, extending to September 11.

The decision was made to allow people to leave the country without facing fines, and therefore able to re-enter on a new visa before the deadline approaches. Anyone who remains in the UAE after September 11 will be charged overstay fines each day until they leave.

Visit visa fines are charged at Dhs200 for the first day and Dhs100 each day after that until the status has changed. If your visit visa expired before March 1, the deadline to change your status remains at August 18.

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A statement on government news agency said: “The ICA urged those eligible to leave the country within the set deadline, which will help facilitate their return to the UAE”.

Those on expired or cancelled residency visas have until Wednesday August 12 to change their status. Anyone who stays past this date will face fines of Dhs25 per day plus Dhs250 upon exiting the UAE.