Abu Dhabi has been chosen for Phase III trials of the Russian ‘Sputnik V’ vaccine…

SEHA and the Department of Health — Abu Dhabi are looking for 500 volunteers to take part in the Phase III vaccine trials for the Russian adenovirus-based or ‘Sputnik V’ vaccine.

The #VaccineforVictory campaign will only be selecting candidates that are over 18; have not had any infectious disease within the 14 days prior to application; have not previously had Covid; and are not taking part in any other vaccine trials.

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Two doses of the vaccine will be administered 20 days apart and volunteers will be monitored throughout the trial period with teleconferencing and healthcare visits.

Those individuals interested in taking part can head to www.v4.ae for more information and to register.

Of course there are still ongoing trials of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine in Abu Dhabi, and recently the emirate announced the launch of the Hope Consortium, a logistics and operational hub for distributing multiple vaccine types across the world.

Of course there’s still a long way to go before we can put the pandemic behind us, but with the number of vaccines currently in Phase III trials, and the UK starting rollout of its own vaccination programme, it certainly feels like we’re moving towards the home straight now.

Images: WAM