And those with jabs will no longer need tests to enter Abu Dhabi by road…

Important: As of January 18, 2021 these rules have now changed. Vaccinated residents returning from non-Green List countries will have to quarantine for 10 days, with a PCR required on arrival and on day eight. For more info see our guide to the rules, exemptions and entitlements for individuals that have been vaccinated.

Residents and UAE nationals flying into Abu Dhabi from overseas will no longer have to wear wristbands or quarantine for 14 days (as the current regulations require), if they have been given a jab as part of the phase III trials of what is being referred to as the National Vaccination Programme.

At the time the writing we have no further details on the specifics of the National Vaccination Programme.

Changes to other rules for those that have been vaccinated

In addition to quarantine exemptions for those vaccinated in either the third trial phase or as part of the vaccination programme, there are other benefits including – no longer needing a PCR or DPI test to enter Abu Dhabi by land.

And for those arriving back from overseas – PCR tests will still need to be taken on arrival. Those immunized as part of the National Vaccination Programme will need to take further tests on the 4th and 8th day after arrival.

News of the development was shared on Abu Dhabi Media Office’s (ADMO) social channels, which also stated: “All participants are not required to take a test to enter from within the UAE. The special measures are only valid if the participant’s Alhosn app shows their special status, which is linked to taking a PCR test every fortnight.

When do the updates come into force?

For those vaccinated in the trial phase, the new measures are applicable after the first does.

For those immunised as part of the National Vaccination Programme, the measures will be applicable 28 days after the second dose.

Images: WAM