Get back to nature…

Sometimes it’s time to put the brakes on the fast-paced life and get back to nature. We know of a perfect place to do just that as a mangroves forest has now opened at the Jebel Ali Wildlife Sanctuary.

P&G’s Dubai Mangrove Forest was launched by Procter & Gamble (P&G) and the Emirates Marine Environmental Group (EMEG). It will comprise coral reefs, mangroves, sea grass beds and a natural beach, and will also be used for animal rescue and species preservation.

There will be 15km of mangroves in the area, plus 6km of wetlands. Naturally, it will attract lots of wildlife, from crabs and oysters to birds and even gazelles. There are plans to have 60 per cent of Dubai’s land under forest over the next few decades.

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Mangroves play an important part in the environment of the UAE and beyond, by reducing carbon dioxide in the air, which contributes to positively reducing global warming. Mangroves play host to many different species of birds and marine life.

This area will be protected and environmental experts are set to use it to develop a full forest by planting new mangroves and adopt older mangroves to ‘to maximize the future carbon sequestration’. Whilst you’re not able to visit just yet, there are plans in place to open it to the public. 

Major Ali Al Suweidi, President of EMEG, said, “The mangrove is a local species and we call it Sena Marina which is a special species in the Gulf. This species grows because of heat and we have salt water and therefore this species grows very well here. We started to plant this a long time back.”

He continued, “We have mangroves in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Dubai. The reason we are planting this mangrove is because it soaks up five times more carbon dioxide than any plant. This is a good solution against global warming and other problems.”

Other beautiful mangrove sites in the UAE include the Mangrove Beach at Khor Al Yeefrah, Umm Al Quwain, which is approximately a 55-minute drive from Dubai, and the Mangrove Walk in Abu Dhabi, complete with a beautiful boardwalk and plenty of activities.

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