Currents, shavings or Nutella…?

We’re used to getting some delightfully novel food concepts in the UAE. You can, for example, get pretty much any type of food slathered in gold; you can eat dinner whilst suspended from a crane; or in the deliberate company of complete darkness. Over the past few years we’ve seen an almost endless list of pop-ups, fusion foods and celebrity chef gimmickry.

There are also some pretty niche ATM concepts. Back on the subject of precious metals again, there are several ATM locations across Dubai where you can actually withdraw gold bars. Seriously.

Having already stepped well beyond the confines of conformity, why not combine concepts? Why not a food ATM?

A luxe vending machine that gives you access to Instalicious muffins 24 hours a day, sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us.

And that’s what Cup Cake ATM essentially is. You’ll find this first location at Marsana, on Hudayriyat Island’s Leisure and Entertainment District.


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Would you like to cake a withdrawal..?

There’s a pretty strong list of cupcake varieties to deposit straight into your face.

The pistachio and Nutella cake definitely has some big UAE energy (although not ideal for those with nut allergies) about it; there’s an Oreo cookie cupcake; a safron variety; Lotus cupcakes; blueberry; red velvet; carrot cupcakes; and more.

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Sufficient funs

If, like Joseph Jonas, you fancy some cake by the ocean — it’s yours from as little as Dhs19 (for the Oreo cake). The pricier options, safron and pistachio Nutella, are only fractionally more at Dhs21.

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