The animal is thought to be a panther or a jaguar…

Just when you thought Dubai couldn’t shock you any more, there have been reports of a ‘wild animal’, potentially a panther or a jaguar that is loose in busy Dubai community, The Springs. Dubai Police have confirmed that the big exotic cat has been spotted in The Springs 3 area.

A video posted by a resident of The Springs has been doing the rounds on social media. The blurry video sees a huge black cat prowling through undergrowth in what looks like someone’s garden before squeezing under a fence and setting off on foot.

An official Tweet posted to Dubai Media Office said that, ‘Dubai Police today reassured the community that it is taking all measures to minimise any potential danger to people from a wild animal that was spotted in The Springs 3 area in Dubai. Trained professionals are currently conducting an extensive search to locate & capture the animal.’

Members of The Springs community have been advised to ‘exercise all necessary caution’. Sian Abraham, a resident of The Springs, said that “residents have been advised not to walk around the lakes and to keep all windows and doors closed”.

In another Tweet, Dubai Police reminded people that ‘bringing out any kind of wild animal into a public environment is strictly prohibited under the emirate’s laws’. Violators could face prison sentence of up to six months and huge fines.

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The public have urged the public to call 901 if they spot the animal.

Images: Screengrab from video