RTA confirms the schedule…

For many years, parking in Dubai has been free of charge on Fridays, giving residents a break from the fees of leaving their car in street parking. Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) oversees the management of parking, public transport and fees.

With the recent shift in working days, and the start of a new weekend in the UAE, many residents are wondering:

Is public parking in Dubai still free on Fridays?

As the weekends changed over from Friday and Saturday to Saturday and Sunday, RTA announced an update to the public transport services and parking regulations for 2022.

Within this updates, RTA clarified that when it comes to public parking, the existing system will remain in place until further notice is made. So, public parking will be free of charge during Friday and public holidays.

This means that if you work on Fridays now, you can park in Dubai for the whole day without paying any public parking fees.

Ways to pay for public parking in Dubai

RTA recently announced that you can now pay for your public parking fees using its new WhatsApp bot, Mahboub. All you need to do is add Mahboub to your contact list on 0097158 800 9090. Head to the WhatsApp app to ‘chat’ with Mahboub to pay your public parking fee. The format is ‘plate code and number<space>area code<space>time in hours.’

You can also pay using the RTA app, where you can top up credit and quickly and easily find your location, set the amount of time you need, and pay and renew as you go.

Finally, you can SMS 7275 with your plate code and number<space>area code<space>time in hours – however this will incur a Dhs0.30 charge each time.

Image: RTA Twitter