You will be saving 30 fils on the regular SMS fee…

Dubai Road and Transport Authority has announced that you can now pay for your public parking fees using the social media app, WhatsApp.

The new system was announced during Gulf Information Technology Exhibition this year. It was in its testing and trial phase but now has been officially rolled out for the public to use.

The announcement was made on the official RTA Twitter channel.

So, how does it work?

The same information that you would use when you SMS in your parking fee will be used for this new payment system.

All you need to do is add Mahboub to your contact list on 0097158 800 9090.

Head to the WhatsApp app to ‘chat’ with Mahboub to pay your public parking fee.

The format is ‘Plate code and number<space>area code<space>time in hours.’

Example: A000000 000A 2

Also, by using WhatsApp to pay for your public parking fees, you will be saving 30 fils on the regular SMS fee. It may not seem a lot but if you use public parking a lot, it does add up.

Plus, by having the service on WhatsApp, individuals are more likely to be reminded that their next payment is due.

If you weren’t aware, Mahboub on WhatsApp will be also able to answer all your questions regarding fine payment, car registration and more.

Images: Getty Images