One more reason to dive into this waterfront leisure district…

Based at Rabdan, Al Qana is one of Abu Dhabi’s brightest new leisure destination stars. In the past few months, openings have included the Middle East’s largest aquarium; a stunning new marina; multiple dining outlets (including Otoro, the latest restaurant from locally based cheffing legend chef Akmal Anuar); and The Bridge — a holistic wellness centre with world class facilities.

Next up, it’s the high-end Grandiose Supermarket opening its slick set of automatic doors on March 31, 2022 and it’ll be the first store across the brand’s entire network to come with the intriguing, innovative feature of a Supermarket Food Hall. In addition to the stunning watery vistas, you’ll find inside a pizzeria; live cooking stations; a bakery; and a produce gallery curated by a team of specialised foodie experts.

Sale away

To celebrate the launch, Grandiose Supermarket is running a four-day opening flash sale (between Thursday March 31 and Sunday April 3) with a whopping flat 20 per cent off literally everything in store. That’s a fifth off figs, twenty per cent off Twiglits, and a big old discount on an uncountable number of covetous consumer products in store.

What else is still to come from Al Qana?

There’s a lot more in the shape of restauranting wonder on the way (check out our longer guide for more info on exactly what’s coming up) but it’s some of the other leisure attractions that are causing some of the bigger anticipatory swells.


One of the main family entertainment attractions will undoubtedly be the 15-screen Cinemacity. A massive movieplex that comes kitted out with Abu Dhabi’s largest cinema screen, coming in at a huge 26 metres, and will host the latest blockbuster screenings, with potential red carpet moments on the horizon. Recent updates also include the news that a lively outdoor amphitheatre will also be positioned close to the cinema. Designed to host special eventssuch as festivals, concerts and exhibitions. Alongside the amphitheatre, the waterfront will be equipped with the equipment to put on light and water spectaculars.


Pixel will be the largest gaming hub of its type in Abu Dhab and include the latest evolution of Location-Based Entertainment (LBE). In addition to futuristic VR tech, the venue will also operate the first certified eSports (that’s competitive gaming for any noobs out there) academy in the region. The announcement of Pixel’s inclusion in the Al Qana development followed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Fouad Mashal, CEO of Al Barakah International Investment and developer of Al Qana, and Karim Ibrahim, CEO of Robocom VR. Speaking about the news, Fouad Mashal said: “In line with our vision to bring world-class experience to Al Qana, our partnership with Robocom VR will position Pixel as one of the most sought-after VR and eSports destinations in the UAE.” 



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Adrenark is set to offer a wide range of fun and energy-expending facilities including a large indoor park. Adventuretainment activities will include wall-running; dodgeball; foam pit frolicking; trampoline double bouncing; parkour; ziplining; roller skating and more.

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