Could it be gearing up for an Eid launch..?

Full disclosure, we don’t have a confirmed opening date for you — but we do have a collection of evidence to go along with some admittedly wild and entirely unempirical speculation.

Found on Abu Dhabi’s Reem Island, 1.2 billion US Dollar mega project, Reem Mall is almost a city in itself. Once fully finished, it’ll hit slopes with a cool 85 different dining options, and more than 450 stores, across two million square feet of retail space.

But when will it open? Here’s what we know so far…

The first store is already open

Back in February we reported on the opening of the mall’s first store, a huge new Carrefour hypermarket, which is now open to the public and offering a vast selection of ‘bits and bobs’ for people to do their ‘big shop’ from.

And in a BTS video of the Carrefour opening, shared on the mall’s social channels, we do get a few glimpses of other areas of the mall. The car park (or at least a large section of it) looks complete, and there are hoardings up for Centrepoint, McDonald’s, Samsung and more. Not the most daring sort of investigative journalism, but we work with what we’ve got.

There were also some shots, of a very ‘near to completion’ looking Snow Abu Dhabi.

The snow has already started falling

Snow Abu Dhabi will be ‘one of the world’s largest snow parks’ — offering sub zero encounters with themed-characters and access to 13 thrilling rides and attractions, including an enchanted tree, a snowflake garden, crystal carousel, ice labyrinth, tobogganing and a shovel-ton more. It doesn’t matter if the weather outside is frightful, the scenes inside look delightful.

In February (clearly a busy month for mall news) we shared an image of what looks like the start of a ‘winterfication’ of this wonderland — although, hands up, it could all just be paint.

For more information on Snow Abu Dhabi, check out our full feature on the venue.

The timing

The last projected date for the opening, obtained from the relatively official source of investor comment, seemed to suggest a likely Q1 2022 launch, and although we’ve nudged past that now (in fairness one store has already opened) — it all feels like the wheels are in motion, and they’re winding up for the big drop.

And with the Eid al-Fitr approaching (likely around May 1, 2022), traditionally a time when as part of the celebrations, there tends to be a focus on retail promotions and sales, could we expect a soft launch of Reem Mall? Perhaps, maybe, entirely unconfirmed, but we can at least dare to dream.

We’ll share any further information as soon as we have it.

Images: Reem Mall