A new digital wallet is the latest addition to the super app…

It may have started life as a ride hailing service, but for many UAE residents, Careem has become a one-stop shop for transport, ordering food, getting groceries delivered, PCR tests, cleaning, bike hire and more. And now Careem is adding another string to its bow, with the launch of the Careem digital wallet, set to make sending and receiving money simpler than ever before.

Already installed as a feature in the current app for UAE users, using the Careem digital wallet you can now send and receive money. Whether you’re transferring cash to your personal trainer, splitting the bill after lunch with a friend, or requesting payment from a service provider for some maintenance work, the Careem digital wallet offers three ways to pay.


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If you’re paying someone that’s not in your contact book, you can send your personal payment link, and the recipient can pay you directly. There’s also the option to share your QR code, which someone can then scan to receive touch-free payment. You can also send your QR code as an image via message to arrange payment from someone remotely. The last way to use the digital wallet is simply by selecting the amount that you want to send or receive, and choosing the person from your contact book.

You’ll find all three options in the Wallet tab at the bottom of the app.

You don’t need to have money in your Careem pay wallet to pay someone, as the digital wallet links directly to the bank account linked to your Careem profile. If you receive money from someone into your Careem wallet, you don’t have to use it as Careem credit, and can withdraw it to your bank account. The withdrawal can take up to one day to arrive.

To use the service, you need to do a one-time verification, and then you’re able to start using your digital wallet.