Grab your besties and get your bodies moving…

The Battle Cancer challenge is back and bigger than ever, hosting a day full of fitness madness at Dubai Harbour. On Saturday March 18 all Dubai residents are invited to challenge their fitness, while contributing to an amazing cause.

Individuals of all fitness abilities are invited to battle cancer, with the event being separated into two categories to accommodate all fitness abilities. The challenge lasts two and a half hours, with the challenge operating with teams of four – but if you’re flying solo, don’t worry, as you will be placed into another group. Make sure to register online to participate, with teams of four costing Dhs1,220 or individuals going for Dhs305.


How it works

Teams of four start with an insurance test that consists of five 10-minute workouts which will be completed in 2.5 hours. This will be split into 10 minutes of intense action followed by 20 minutes of recovery – repeated five times. This number is significant as today’s statistics prove that 1 in 2 individuals are affected by cancer.

The event will be split into two categories: challenge and compete. Challenge is the less intense and more fun option, allowing individuals to change their weights and movements as needed in order to get them out of their comfort zone. Whereas compete is the more difficult option for the experienced athlete, consisting of more advanced workouts with set weights and standards for each section really challenging the participant.

The morning challenges will commence at 9.30 am, with the afternoon slots beginning at 12pm. On arrival, all participants must register 45 minutes before their first workout.


More about Battle Cancer

This movement is driven and dedicated to helping those affected by cancer, inspiring and supporting them in their recovery.

Their mission is threefold: to raise awareness and funds for cancer charities through incredible and inspiring events. Secondly, to create a nurturing community in which like-minded people can share their stories and experiences. As well as promoting a healthy lifestyle as a means of avoiding illness.

Battle Cancer Challenge, Dubai Harbour, Saturday March 18, Dhs1,220 team of four, Dhs305 individuals,