I’m sorry… You left WHAT behind?!

Dubai has made it to the top of some pretty cool lists this year – it’s home to the best hotel in the Middle East, one of the best cities to stop over for a layover and much more. However, according to a report by Uber, Dubai is also on ‘the most forgetful cities’ list.

As summer is poised to be a busy time for travel, Uber has shared its annual ‘Lost and Found’ index unveiling what items were left behind by passengers in the past year.

We let our imaginations run with this one, but we honestly weren’t prepared for this… Passengers have left behind some pretty unusual (and expensive) items including a guitar, a Nintendo Switch in a Super Mario cover, a scooter, a Burberry shawl and… a Cartier box. Just…how…?

Of course, there were plenty of other more ‘common’ items left behind.

Here’s the list Uber shared: 

1.    Clothing
2.    Phone / Camera
3.    Luggage
4.    Wallet / Purse
5.    Headphones / Speakers
6.    Jewelry and Make-Up
7.    Glasses
8.    Laptop
9.    Watch
10.  Books

Uber even used the data collected to figure out which dates were the most common for people to loose/leave behind items. It includes New Year’s Day.

Uber even went as far as timing stating that 2pm (post lunch time?), 4pm and 5pm (‘running home from work’ time?) are the most forgetful times of the day.

Fridays were calculated to be the most forgetful day of the week (expected, to be fair), followed by Monday, Saturday, Sunday, Thursday, Tuesday and finally, Wednesday.

Oh no, I’ve left an item in an Uber. What do I do?

First, don’t panic. Well, unless it’s that Cartier box… but you have to remember that people forget their items behind on a daily, but you can contact your driver to get it returned.

To try and get your item back, go to the Uber app and tap on ‘Your trips’ with your crossed fingers and select the trip where you left something behind. Next, scroll down and select ‘Find lost item’ and then ‘Contact driver about a lost item’ where you will be asked to leave your phone number. Uber will ring and you will be connected directly with your driver where you can coordinate a spot to meet and get your item returned.

Oh, and if you’ve lost your phone, don’t worry. Connect to Uber’s webchat here and the agent will help get your phone back to you.

Images: Uber