Here’s what the numbers are saying…

For the first time ever, Dubai’s total population has surpassed 3.6 million. According to fresh data from the Dubai Statistics Centre, the population of Dubai sat at 3.55 million people at the end of 2022. Fast forward 6 months, and the population of the city has increased by an impressive 50,000 in just six months. That’s a growth of around 1.5 per cent.

The end of the first quarter of 2023 saw the population hit 3.567 million people, showing a 1 per cent growth from in the months from January to March.

The population of Dubai is expected to follow a similar pattern of growth, continuing to increase exponentially throughout the coming years.

This sudden increase in the population isn’t surprising. Dubai has emerged as one of the top destinations to work and live post-pandemic. It’s part of a larger vision outlined by the Dubai Government to make the city the world’s best place to live.

Dubai Urban Plan 2040

The increasing population means the city must be well-equipped to ensure that everyone lives a comfortable, sustainable life, and the Urban Plan has been formulated for just that.

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The key outcomes of the Dubai Urban Plan 2040 aim to see a 5.8 million increase in the population, taking the total number of residents in Dubai to 7.8 million by the year 2040.

As the number of people increases, so will the facilities. The Urban Plan 2040 will see the increase in areas such as green and recreational areas (set to increase by 105 per cent), space for educational and health facilities (growing by 25 per cent), land dedicated to industrial and economic activities (1.7 billion square feet set to be added) and space for hospitality and tourism activities (134 per cent growth projected).