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This is your sign from the powers that be (and us) that you should go on holiday. Emirates has announced the first nine destinations that will inaugurate the brand new A350 network of the airline. The aircraft will be entering service with the brand from September 2024, and these nine destinations will be the first set of places it will fly to as part of the fleet.

10 new A350s are expected to join the fleet by March 31, 2025, and so the airline is gearing up to deploy the aircrafts to new destinations in the coming months. These initial 10 Emirates A350s will offer three cabin classes – 32 next generation Business Class seats, 21 seats in Premium Economy, and 259 Economy Class seats.


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The aircrafts have been marked to serve short to medium haul flights on the Emirates network, and the inaugural destination has been chosen as Bahrain. Next in the list of short-haul cities come Kuwait and Muscat.

As this new fleet enters service, passengers will get a chance to try some of the new cabin experiences the airline has to offer, including the Premium Economy and the next generation Business Class, especially on short and medium haul routes in the Middle East and GCC, West Asia and Europe.

The destinations

The new aircrafts will roll into service following a special schedule. The inaugural service will be the daily EK839/840 to Bahrain, starting on September 15, with frequency progressively increasing to cover two Bahrain services with the second service starting on November 1.


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The next service will be to Kuwait, on the daily EK853/854 September 16. Muscat’s daily EK866/867 will be served from December 1. In West Asia, service will be deployed on EK502/503 to Mumbai from October 27. Ahmedabad’s daily EK538/539 will also be served from October 27. Colombo’s fourth daily service EK654/655 will be served from January 1, 2025.

In Europe, Lyon will be served daily from December 1, as will be Bologna. Edinburgh will rejoin the Emirates network from November 4.

Sign me up, son

Tickets to these nine destinations with this fleet go on sale today and can be booked on emirates.com, the Emirates App, or via travel agents. Expect spacious and quiet cabins, high ceilings, expansive bin space and customised mood lighting designed to reduce fatigue and jet lag. More details on the upcoming flight routes and other cabin and seat features will be announced soon.


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