Can’t beat a good sando…

The popularity is on the rise in Dubai but if you know anything about the What’s On crew you’ll know that we do love a good sarnie.

These aren’t the kind of sandwiches mum used to pack for school with plain old cheese and ham… We’re talking about the kind that holds structural integrity, packs a mean punch when it comes to flavour town – and pickles. We love pickles.

Here are 4 sandwich shops in Dubai that are doing it differently. 

Rascals Deli


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This homegrown sandwich deli with a cult following has finally found a permanent home in Dubai. Rascals can be found in Wasl Square and having only been open for a very short period of time, the team at Rascals have the sando-making business down to a tee. Speaking of tees, you can even grab some merch on your way out after trying some of their cookie-cutter perfectly curated sandos.

We had the pastrami and the roast beef sandos, both entirely unique in their own way. Delish upon the first bite, packed with cheesy goodness (but we will always say yes to more cheese) and pickles to boot – the pastrami sandwich had a welcome bite of spice. As for the roast beef, medium rare and perfect  – with the right amount of cheese to meat ratio, rocket added in the mix upping the freshness. Topped off with crispy onions and a homemade barbecue sauce makes it a sandwich we will be back for. Special mention for their fries, because those were also top quality.

Rascals Deli, Wasl Square, Block 7, Jumeirah, Dubai. Tues to Sun, 11.30am to 8.30pm. @rascalsdeli 

Gino’s Deli

This list would not be complete without Gino’s Deli. We are firm lovers of an al desko Gino’s sandwich on press days. They are always there no matter what kind of sandwich you’re in the mood for. Gino’s is the one. Veggie-friendly options, meat lovers are satisfied too. You can never go wrong when you order a Gino’s Deli sandwich for lunch. We recommend trying The Rebecca  – we don’t know who Rebecca is but we thank her for this concoction of pickles, cheese, smoked garlic and herb sauce, brought home by the slow-cooked barbecue brisket. Yum.

Gino’s Deli, available across Dubai, @ginos_deli

Birch Bakery


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While it is not technically a sandwich shop, there has to be a special mention for the little hole in the wall in Al Quoz. Selling all sorts of delicious and incredible baked goods and now, at lunchtime, you can stop in at the shop and grab a coffee and a delicious sandwich. It might not have the best integrity – but we’ll give it a pass because the bread is incredibly deliciously homemade and fresh. We recommend ordering the roast beef focaccia sando.

Birch Bakery, Al Quoz, open daily, 7am to 3pm. @birch.bakery

Wise Guys


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This New York style sandwich shop can be found in DIFC, and it took the internet slightly by storm on launch day. The neighbourhood sandwich spot has been curated in a retro style, bringing some of New York’s old school to the shores of Dubai. Its name is a reference to the American mafia nickname, ‘a wise guy’, giving it a true NYC flare. The sandwich names are also specially curated to reference stereotypical “mafia” terms like the fuggetaboutit. If you’re walking through the financial centre we recommend stopping by and having a sando, but be aware, things can get messy with sandos jam-packed with filling. To make matters even better they are officially available for delivery on Deliveroo.

Wise Guys, Gate District, The Marble Walk, 8.30am to 11.30pm, Tel: (0)52 686 3801, @wiseguysdubai

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