The newest app to make at-home dining easier has just arrived in the capital…

Lounging around at home or grinding it out at work as you work up an appetite? Rubbing your magic lamp (picking your delivery app) just got more fun as Cari, the region’s hottest new delivery app, has just made its way to the capital.

With the promise of speedy deliveries in 30 minutes or less, that will lay the table for you via innumerable cuisines from some of the most sought-after kitchens in Abu Dhabi, Cari’s friendly neighbourhood couriers clad in signature magenta capes (uniforms) will deliver, in more ways than one.

Images: What’s On archive

When you use Cari, you can look forward to dine-in menu prices and a zero delivery model. The app has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from other markets in the region, including Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, before it was launched in June to cater to our neighbours in Dubai. So it was only a matter of time until they made the trip down to the capital, and by the looks of it, they’re here to stay.

What’s On decided to recharge ourselves with a steaming brew of weekend coffee on Saturday morning, and placed an order with Tim Horton’s in Al Danah. We pre-ordered after closing hours on Friday night for a scheduled drop at 11:00am on Saturday. Following a push notification shortly after 10:00am to confirm our order was being packed and dispatched shortly, and with the delivery address on Hamdan bin Mohammed Street, Cari wasted no time with a smooth pickup and delivery completed at 10:30am.

Our rider was prompt, patient and communicative, with our order being delivered fresh, fast and intact, facing the right way up (particularly important for a beverage order), sans any spillage. It also came with all the cutlery we requested, neatly packed.

All in all, Cari’s growth in the capital looks promising. With great offers including deals that give you up to 50 per cent off and a two-for-one section, as well as elaborate picks such as business lunches, grills, healthy eats, sushi and desserts, we’re thrilled to see what brands beef up their ‘Coming Soon’ section.

Cari, now bringing breakfast, lunch and dinner to you now in the capital. Download via all leading app stores. @getcari.uae