We had to try it out…

Picture the scene. You’ve been hammering away at your keyboard nonstop all morning and in the blink of an eye, it’s suddenly 12pm, and the hunger pangs kick in. It’s probably the restaurant’s peak time of the day and you know that you’re going to have to subject your colleagues to your tummy rumblings until your order arrives. Well, we have great news as there’s a new app in town that guarantees 30-minute delivery and no delivery fee.

The new food delivery app is called Cari and with the promise of a quick delivery, it also guarantees dine-in menu prices and a zero per cent commission model. The app has received rave reviews from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and we’ve been told, we can expect the same service here in the UAE.


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According to Abdullah Al Mutawa, the Founder and CEO of Cari, ‘the zero per cent commission model allows restaurants to keep their hard-earned profits and pass the savings directly to our customers.’

The app is currently available in Dubai and plans are in place to expand to the rest of the UAE.

You can download the app on iOS here and Google Play here.

Cari app: Tried and tested

cari app

Team What’s On placed an order on the app at 11.45am for some chicken wings, which means we’re expecting to tuck in by 12.20pm. The restaurant was located in JLT, which is just a couple of minutes away (depending on traffic) from our office location in Dubai Media City.

At 12pm, we took a look at our phone and the ‘Preparation’ bar was still loading. At this point, we got a little sceptical and wondered if our order would make it to us on time. We held on to hope, but by 12.10pm the order was still in its ‘preparation’ stage.

When we next looked at our app by 12.16pm, delivery was underway and we could track the driver as he made his way to our location. At 12.22pm, the phone (and our faces) lit up with a phone call from the delivery driver asking us to collect the order.

Once received, we noticed the bill on our delivery bag had a note that said ‘Collect at 12pm’ – so, we are unsure if there was a delay from the kitchen due to the lunchtime rush house, or a delay with the order reaching the restaurant, or something else.

But all in all, we were still pretty satisfied with the delivery time and will surely be trying the app in the future. Oh and as promised, there was no delivery charge.

Order placed: 11.45am
Expected arrival time: 12.15pm
Arrival time: 12.22pm


Images: What’s On screenshots and socials