A unique musical performance, an Expo farming space and more… 

Cop28 is just around the corner, and if you still don’t have a clue what is it about, well… in short, it’s where world leaders gather to work together on solutions that tackle the most pressing climate change issues.

What does this have to do with me?‘, you may ask. Well, while the annual COP summit is mostly for stakeholders and world leaders, aren’t we all stakeholders when it comes to the fight against climate change?

Now, you don’t have to sit in when the talks are happening, but there are plenty of activities taking place at Cop28 that you can get involved in. Just ensure you stay in the Green Zone, as the general public won’t be allowed in the Blue Zone.

The Green Zone at Cop28 at Expo City Dubai

The excitement of visiting a new pavilion isn’t something of the past, as you can relive it at Cop28. There will be a new pavilion open over the course of Cop28 only: Expo City Dubai Pavilion. Here you will be able to learn about the city and understand the blueprint for sustainable living which will help enhance your life at home and in your business. There will be a number of interactive events (all centred around climate change) for you to check out. 

sustainability expo 2020

In the Green Zone, you also have to visit The Sustainability Pavilion. It is the best example of sustainable practice in action and an established hub for sustainability-focused programming. 

Another cool spot in Expo City Dubai is Extreme Hangout. What’s Extreme Hangout? Well, for those of you who love being active, have you ever considered the impact of being active on the environment? In keeping with the goals of COP28, Extreme Hangout will be a space where we can learn how to be sustainable while remaining active. Expect popular speakers, food trucks, informative interactions and more.

plants seedlings

Another new and permanent feature we can expect to pop up at Expo City Dubai is the Expo City Farm. Featuring both and indoor and outdoor space, the farm will be able to grow crops, fruits and vegetables. A number of community events will be held at the farm, plus cooking classes led by sustainable-minded chefs. Both the young and adults are welcome to attend.

On the entertainment front, for little ones, there’s a 45-minute performance titled Alya in Terraland. It has been curated specially for Cop28 visitors and it tells a story that will make us consider humanity’s impact on the planet. You can catch the performance at Terra and you can find more details at expocitydubai.com

Fragile Beauty – a marine photography exhibition by Prince Hussain Aga Khan

Photo credit: Prince Hussain Aga Khan

For art fans, there are a number of exhibitions taking place across different venues in the Green Zone. A few to take note of include The Women’s Pavilion for the Resonating Tides exhibition, and at Terra, you will find Fragile Beauty – a marine photography exhibition by Prince Hussain Aga Khan.

Now, if you want a hands-on experience, there are plenty of workshops available for both adults and children. There are upcycling workshops where you can learn to turn household ‘trash’ items into treasure, learn about food security, and so much more at Terra

Other pavilions also a part of the Green Zone you can visit include Alif – The Mobility Pavilion, The Vision Pavilion, the stunning Al Wasl Dome, Surreal Water feature and Al Forsan Park.

Food, glorious food… 

You didn’t think Dubai would host an event as big as Cop28 and not have something that includes food now, did you? 

In the Green Zone, you will find Ghaf Food Park – a space home to a number of food trucks and vendors such as Project Chaiwalla, Brgrs by the Block, The Little Greek Shop, and more. You can find it next to the UAE Pavilion, keep an eye open for the green feather flags.  

The important details

Safety procedures are in place (which will remind you of your Expo 2020 Dubai visits), so make sure you bring only what you really need. 

The most important bit of information: tickets and we are happy to report, there are none. But you will have to register here. The ticket is available to use only once, so you will need a new one for each day you visit. Additional tickets or registrations may be required for certain events so make sure you check in advance.

For more information, visit expocitydubai.com