Wholesome beginnings…

There’s nothing like a heartwarming family business origin story – MIS Joint is just that. The newest spot in town where you can sample some bangin’ burgers made with love, MIS Joint is now open in Uptown Mirdif and has the griddle going already.

The brand is the brainchild of three Emirati pre-teen siblings, conceptualised by the little minds and brought to life by their father, a family dream made a reality.

MIS Joint

The whole vibe is that of an old-fashioned, retro-style burger place meets sporty chic, where you come for no fuss, no frills, good food, for the perfect, part-fresh, part-nostalgic dining experience.

It runs in the family

Meera, age 10, Ilyas, age 8, and Sarah, age 7, have put their heads together and participated in every step of the way of lifting the vibrant, homegrown name off the ground.

From crafting the logo to indulging in chaotic taste-tests for the menu items, this is a family-driven business, fuelled by a collective love for a great burger. The brand is unique not just in the offering, but also their approach, under the nurturing guidance of their father and a familial love.

MIS Joint

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What’s On the menu?

At MIS Joint, it’s all about gourmet goodness and creating a dining experience that will keep you coming back. The menu features a variety of mouthwatering options – each burger is crafted from scratch using premium cuts of meat, while the shakes are made with real ice cream and fresh ingredients.

Alongside juicy burgers, you have distinctive cheeses and locally sourced sides, prepared with homegrown produce to keep up with the ethos. Each burger is a meaty, cheesy delight, and the milkshakes offer the perfect complimentary refreshment.

MIS Joint

Don’t forget to try your hand at some impromptu boxing – that’s right, there’s a punching bag in the venue, where you can display your strength after conquering the burgers.

MIS Joint, Uptown Mirdif Mall, Mirdif,  Dubai, daily, 11am to 11pm, (0) 4 852 4324, @mis.joint 

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