Safety first…

Drivers take note: This summer the Dubai Police will be offering free car inspections to drivers throughout the summer. All you have to do is show up to one of the AutoPro centres. The summer weather makes it dangerous for drivers on the roads so be sure to take advantage the inspection while you can.

It’s free car inspection

As part of the initiative to create traffic awareness for the summer months, the initiative is in line with the ‘Summer Without Accidents’ campaign. There is an increased risk of accidents during the summer, due to extreme rises in temperatures across the UAE. Some of the most common accidents during the summer are due to tyres bursting, and cars setting on fire, which can all lead to fatal outcomes.

As such it is important for drivers to make sure that their cars are serviced on a regular basis. The Dubai Police is offering free inspections until the end of August. Private car owners can use the services when they visit AutoPro centres across the UAE.

Ready for inspection


There is a long list of motor health checks that you can take advantage of at the AutoPro centres. This includes, air-conditioning and air filter checks, seat belt conditions, radiator hose condition, battery health, tyre pressure conditions, fluid levels, engine oil and coolant levels as well as other inspections.

The Dubai Police have also suggested safety tips to follow in order to hopefully prevent any accidents. Drivers must check tyre validity and ensure that there are no vibrations. They should also occasionally check for tyre cracks or bulging. Drivers should also keep changing engine oil and check for any fluid leaks.

In a post on X, the Dubai Police also recommended removing any flammable items from cars including everyday items like perfumes or phone chargers that could potentially cause fires when exposed to high temperatures.

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