Amber Field is the coach of the Aussie cheerleaders who’ll be shaking their pom poms at the Sevens. We spoke to her to find out more about the team of 12 girls who are coming to down this November.

How many cheerleaders are in the Aggreko Dynamos? There are 12. The selection process is done by audition, held by in Melbourne, Australia. I had 100 girls audition for the Dubai Rugby Sevens this year.

How long have you been performing together? I like the group to be fresh so I try to find at least seven new girls to join us each year. However Jacinta Seivers and Sammy Riches have been with me for more than five years. They both have jaw dropping acrobatic and dancing skills and have been extremely loyal and supportive to me over the years.

Is it a full time job? The girls are all professional dancers, so when they’re not shaking their pom poms they are dancing on stages across Australia, or on cruise ships, with music artists or in musicals.

How many hours do you train? All my girls are obviously unbelievably fit and healthy. They follow a strict eating plan and gym regime every day leading up to the event. We start rehearsing in early October, and continue after we arrive in Dubai. Look out for us on the beach or at Safa Park.

How many routines do you have and do you have a special chant for Dubai? I like to have at least eight new routines for the tournament. I like them to be different and showcase each girl if possible. You’ll have to wait and see what we do in Dubai but be ready for big tunes.

What’s the atmosphere like at the Dubai Sevens? This will be ninth year in Dubai and each year gets better and better. I must say, Dubai is the best crowd we perform to in the world. We all look forward to this event every year.

What makes your cheerleaders special? They are amazing dancers, who can do any style of dance you throw at them. They can back flip, double back flip and they’re all beautiful. Plus, they are so down to earth and have great attitudes. Multiply that by 12 and you get the Aggreko Dynamos.