The Dubai Air Show came to an end on Thursday with a special message from the red arrows, which was captured by What’s On.

The air force aerobatic team of nine men lit up the sky around the iconic Burj Al Arab with a trail of smoke in the form of a heart, leaving the watching public all along the city in awe.

And after landing safely back on solid ground, one of the pilots (@RAFRED4) posted pictures from inside his cockpit during the flight, which can be seen in the gallery above.

British Prime Minister David Cameron had earlier this week visited the Air Show and paid tribute to the Red Arrows on Twitter. The PM had been passing through the region on his way back from Sri Lanka.

As part for their own stay in the UAE, some of the pilots, who have recently performed in Bahrain, visited the Dubai English Speaking School to discuss what they had in store.  The pair on duty were Red Arrows’ Flight Lieutenants Chris Lyndon-Smith and Mark Lawson.

Speaking to Gulf News afterwards, Flight Lieutenant Lawson said: “We are happy to be here, we don’t get to visit this part of the region often so it is nice to visit an English school and see that our expat children are receiving a good education. I enjoy coming to Dubai, the weather is great and we always get a good reception.”

No wonder.

Unfortunately not everything went according to plan for the Dubai Air Show today when the main room had to be temporarily closed due to the adverse weather that hit Dubai first thing Thursday morning.

The video below shows water pouring into the main room, leading organisers to advise the public to avoid visiting Skyview. In a statement F&E Aerospace said: “The Dubai Airshow is closed for now owing to bad weather conditions. We are advising people to refrain from travelling to show.

“The public side of the show – Skyview – is going to be closed too. We will issue and updated statement in some time.”