They say you pays your money and you takes you choice, and choice doesn’t come much more varied than it does in the Emirates this week.

Leading from the front is the Emirates Dubai Rugby Sevens, an event worthy of that oft-used tag ‘institution’. In fact, it’s arguably so much more; a party weekend of such magnitude that it’s easy to go, have a whale of a time, and not see so much as a rugby ball. Or maybe that’s just me?

Talking of parties, our very own What’s On Awards takes place this week, when we’ll be revealing all the big winners in what’s become a very much sought after prize within the food, drink and entertainment industries. A wholly public voted affair – and you guys don’t mess about, do you? – it’s the culmination of a lot of hard work from the What’s On team and, more importantly, recognition for some truly outstanding restaurants, bars and events. It’s also a chance for me to put on a nice suit, and I do love a nice suit.

Of course, there’s style all over the city, and food for that matter. One of our team will be one of 25 guests hot-footing their way to the Armani Hotel in Downtown Dubai for the launch of the Club Uno Di Privato dinner events in Dubai. Maybe I should lend them my suit?

We’re not the only ones holding a bash this week, there’s also the small matter of the Expo 2020 result, which will be revealed on Wednesday, the same night as our awards (you’d have thought they would have checked with us first, right? Some people). Should Dubai win it, the resulting financial impact, we’re told, will be enormous for the UAE, although I have to be completely honest and say I’m not really sure how. Or what an Expo actually is, come to that. Will they be unveiling the electric lightbulb? Maybe the odd steam train? Maybe I should do some research.

I’ve also been asked to point out that this week What’s On staffers Rob and Matt will be donning their football boots to take place in the Adidas Football Tournament, over at Dubai American Academy, Al Barsha. To hear the lads talk, this will be tournament to end all tournaments, despite the fact that, on December 6, the draw for the daddy of all football competitions, the World Cup, takes place. I do admire the boys’ enthusiasm, if doubting their actual skill; both are gangling pieces of work, coming in at 12.9” and 11.0” (or something like that) respectively. Think less Lionel Messi and more, well, Peter Crouch…