With Dubai still basking in the glow of the enormous success of the Dubai International Film Festival once again, VOX cinemas have made the excitement announced that 4D is coming to the UAE.

The new ‘fourth’ dimension will land at Mirdif City Centre and Deira City Centre on December 26 (Boxing Day), with two more locations to open later in 2014.

Called 4DX, the new style of movie-watching engages all five senses with seats with multiple motion simulators, perfectly synchronised with the on-screen action. Furthermore, specially fitted mechanics mimic the on-screen environment, making it possible to experience fog, rain, wind and even thunder and lightning. Various scents are also programmed to waft under your nose.

A spokesman for VOX, who have exclusive rights to use the technology in Dubai, said: “The launch of 4DX in the UAE is absolutely ground-breaking – movie-goers in the region will have never experienced anything like this before in their lives. Audiences will feel like they are a part of the movie, surrounded by the effects. We are delighted that VOX has been able to partner with CJ 4DPLEX from Korea to bring this incredible concept exclusively to the UAE audience.”

He added: “VOX Cinemas prides itself on bringing the latest and the most innovative movie concepts to the region – and there is no doubt that 4DX is the most exciting one we have ever introduced. We are certain that the concept will be incredibly popular here in the UAE. Our audiences have an insatiable appetite for innovation, and 4DX will not disappoint. This amazing technology has pushed the boundaries of cinema-going and it offers an entirely new and exciting prospect – for film-makers and audiences alike.”

The technology was first launched in Korea almost four years ago, and has since been experienced by more than 600 million people in 80 locations across 22 countries, including most recently in Croatia, India, Venezuela and Ukraine.

VOX will be rescreening Fast & Furious 6 in 4DX for a limited time, with plans to screen 2014 blockbusters 47 Ronin, Paranormal Activity 5, Lego, Pompeii, Captain America 2, The Amazing Spiderman 2 and X-Men Days of the Future.

Check out this brilliant advert for 4DX 

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