Amir Khan opened a brand new state-of-the-art boxing and MMA centre in Dubai on Monday night, and told fight fans that he has signed his part of the deal for a super fight with Floyd Mayweather. He also reiterated his desire to bring a bout to the Emirate.

The British boxing star cut the ribbon at EMD Fitness in Sunset Mall, a facility which is the brainchild of the UAE’s leading professional, and good friend of Khan, Eisa Al Dah.

After touring the 15,000 square foot space on Jumeirah Road, Khan, who was also joined by boxing great Chris Eubank and his son Chris Jnr, spoke to fight fans and gave them the news they’ve all been waiting for.

When asked about comments made by the man hailed as the greatest active fighter right now, Khan criticised Mayweather, insisting it was the American holding things up.

He said: “I am the one who signed the contract, I’ve signed my part of the contract, they’ve not signed theirs. If he wants to fight Amir Khan then he should sign it.”

“If he wants to face someone I’ve beaten then so be it,” Khan added, addressing the claim last week that Marcos Maidana was other name in the hat for ‘Money’s’ 46th fight. “He wants to fight someone who makes him look good. But styles make fights.”

Khan was then asked about his old friend Manny Pacquiao, the Filipino legend.

“I’d fight Manny,” the Brit said. “Look, it’s business. We are friends and respect each other, but I would definitely consider the fight, and I am sure he would too.

“To bring it to Dubai, too, that would be huge. I am ready for whatever. Have I ever turned down a fight? Never. I fight whoever is put in front of me.”

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