The red carpet may have been rolled away for another year, but around Al Qasr the glitz and the glamour of the Dubai International Film Festival can still be felt oozing through the walls. None more so than in the private rooms that hosted The VIP Lounge, where celebrities were able to kit themselves out in the very best in luxury lifetsyle.

Jeweller David Morris, award-winning haircare brand Miriam Quevedo, Tom Ford, Mont Blanc, Roberto Cavalli and Swarovski led the way, alongside spa services by One&Only resorts, O’de Rose, Al Nassma Camel Milk Chocolates, Tavalon Tea, The Act and Storylines art by Yasemin Keskin all saw a steady stream of stars throughout the nine days of the festival.

And What’s On were fortunate enough to poke our head around the door and catch the A-list in action.